The Last Cargo

The Last Cargo
Steam (PC)
CZ, SK | Ověřit jinou zemi
Typ distribuce
Elektronická (aktivační klíč)
Datum vydání
04. 03. 2017
Akční, Dobrodružné, Nezávislé, RPG
  • 5 432 Kč
  • 4 489 Kč bez DPH
  • Vyprodáno

Nákupem získáte elektronickou licenci pro hru The Last Cargo.

Anglický popis hry The Last Cargo

The Last Cargo creates unique challenges and offers unconventional gameplay, requiring not only awareness and skill, but also invoking the need of deeper reflection.

The main theme of The Last Cargo is indoctrination, whose purpose is to control the way an individual perceives and evaluates reality. This issue was presented as an allegory, in a minimalist way.

The action takes place in a mysterious building with specific features, where many objects of your surroundings are randomized during each play, so that each subsequent trial to endure this nightmare is unique. Your goal is to recover autonomy and subjectivity for the eponymous cargo.

The Last Cargo galerie

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