Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind
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Typ distribuce
Elektronická (aktivační klíč)
Kitfox Games
Datum vydání
17. 10. 2019
RPG, Simulace, Strategie
  • 286 Kč
  • 236 Kč bez DPH
  • Vyprodáno

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Anglický popis hry Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

Life between myths. Lead your clan into legend or obscurity. Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind is a storybook strategy game, immersing you in a land of old gods and magic, the same world as King of Dragon Pass.Hundreds of small encounters build into an epic, multi-generational tale of survival and inter-clan alliances. Six Ages is the spiritual successor to acclaimed King of Dragon Pass, taking place thousands of years earlier in the same shared world of Glorantha. Part role-playing, part resource management, you'll always be making decisions with long-term consequences, for you and your clan. Features:

Design your own clan, visit the gods, become respected, raid your neighbors' cows Over 400 interactive story scenes, with deep simulation systems driving their appearance and outcomes Multiple difficulty levels, and the option for Iron Willed players to limit reloading Gorgeous hand-painted high-resolution illustrations Same world as King of Dragon Pass, but a new clan: the Riders, with their own myths, and 4x more world to explore Discover, appease, and make deals with spirits in your territory

Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind galerie

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